About Circularity

How did Circularity originate? We take you through the story of Han Hamers, the owner and founder of our brand.

I was born in Loon op Zand, which in the 1950s and 1960s was known for the production of shoes. After three years of trading and importing, I was informed that the manufacturer in Italy was closing its production facility. 

This gave me the opportunity to take over parts of this company and I started my own production company, producing, sweatshirts, jog pants and joggingsuits. In the year 1989, a joint venture in Poland followed, where tracksuits and jackets were produced. The industry gradually moved to Asia and after a visit to India, I decided to have our T- and polo shirts produced in Tirupur.

In 2014, research was started in India on the recycling process of cutting waste and used textiles until we had “proof on concept” in 2018. At the end of 2013, I opened our factory in Bangladesh together with my daughter Sally.

A factory where we worked in a lean process, changing production positions every day. A company with living wages, correct HR policies, and producing a fair product. A totally different approach. Challenges than what we brought with us from India.

My daughter was in charge of the factory and managed the production, while I took care of sales in the Netherlands. We received recognition from Minister Ploumen for our human approach, attention to people, especially the CSR women’s policy set up by my daughter, and the product itself.In 2016, this came to an abrupt end due to an Isis attack 1200 meters from our apartment. As a father and an entrepreneur, it was no longer possible nor responsible to keep the factory open and we had to close it.

During a family holiday in Tuscany the discussion came up, what if we could make our own machines and setup the production process in Holland? What if we can? After months of research and many comparisons of production processes in India- Bangladesh- Netherlands. we started designing machines in 2018. In June 2021 we were ready, and moved into a building in Etten Leur where the recycling and spinning process has been set up in the meantime. This year (2022) our first products will be spun and knitted. Our own fully automated stitching tables will also be installed and we will start producing of T-shirts. The first completely 100% circularly produced product in the Netherlands.

Later this year, our own fully automated stitching tables will be installed and we will start producing T-shirts. The first completely 100% circularly produced product in the Netherlands. There are daily visits from customers in the agenda. Customers who are welcomed by our sales team. Customers who want to make a difference. The dreams from India and Bangladesh have been given a place closer to home, in Etten-Leur.

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