TOGETHERFOR AFUTURESUSTAINABLEWe produce clothes and textiles without using new raw materials.
This is how we create a 100% circular and fair product.

Our industries


New collections, but made of 100% recycled clothing? We would like to think along with you about the options for a sustainable clothing line. After all, we are in it together.

Corporate and wholesale

Your company in sustainable corporate clothing? We can personalise clothing and textiles in your colour and logo. In addition, you can also deposit your old workwear/textiles. In this way, we make ‘new’ clothes from your old clothes.


It is often difficult for smaller start-up companies to obtain a relatively small batch of sustainable clothing. We are happy to help, because every change is one, no matter how large.

Which goods?

Curious to know what kind of items we make? Check out our selection of circular shirts, polos, sweatshirts, bags and other textiles here.

From 2023 producers and retailers responsible for their own recycling

Many companies are not aware of this yet, but as of 2023 the government introduces the ERP. ERP stands for: Extended Product Responsibility. This means that producers and retailers will be held responsible for the collection and recycling of the textiles sold.

How it started

Do you want to know more about the founding of Circularity? Read the story about the person Han Hamers and the genesis of Circularity here.

”In 2014, research was started in India regarding the recycling process of cutting waste and used textiles until we had “proof on concept” in 2018. At the end of 2013, I opened our factory in Bangladesh together with my daughter Sally.”

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