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What did we save?

The counter of savings on oil, water, CO², pesticides and cotton continues to rise through various projects we are working on. In 2023, we collected just over 100,000 KG of old textiles. With this, we saved on CO² because we were able to keep the textiles away from incineration. We also saved on the use of pesticides and chemicals for growing cotton. Of course, we also saved on the raw material cotton and the raw material oil for making polyester. What we are especially proud of is saving millions of gallons of water and avoiding polluted water. With our mission, we hope to achieve even more savings and make the change that is desperately needed. We are raising the bar even higher in 2024 and we are going for new records, will you help us with our mission?


Sustainability laws, how do we deal with them

The UPV law, extended producer responsibility, has been live since July 2023. New rules will soon apply to all producers who first put their products on the Dutch market. By 2025, 25% of what is put on the market must be circular. In addition, these figures must start to be included in company results. We have been working hard on our reports and overviews so that we can provide all our clients with the necessary information. Furthermore, we like to think along in this situation with our roadmap to the 2025 goals. Wondering how we can help? Contact us using the button below and we will be happy to help.


When you interact with us, we are transparent at all times about our products, our operations, our certifications and our methods. We are transparent about what we can do but also about what we cannot do. With several reports and statements, we can be transparent about our ESG results. We stand for open and transparent collaborations.