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Our process

Circularity is your leading solution for sustainable waste management. We collect and reuse large batches of used clothing, such as those from industrial customers, sheets from hospitals and unsold items that would otherwise end up in incinerators.

Through our unique process, we ensure that all textiles are collected, sorted by color and composition and responsibly reused in new products, giving them a second life instead of ending up in a landfill. We offer turnkey solutions for any batch size required.


The 12-step process

1. Collecting:
We collect batches of used textiles and workwear. Also surplus or collected textiles from fashion chains.

2. Composition:
The clothes received are first sorted by composition.

3. Stripping:
Then the contrast colors, logos, labels, zippers and buttons are removed. Then the textile goes to the muting department color by color.

4. Mutate:
Because no new dyeing process takes place, color by color is mutated. That is, the clothing is chopped into small pieces in closed line.

5. Fiberizing:
Linked to the muting line is the fiberizing machine, in which mutated pieces of textiles are mechanically pulled apart to form a kind of "pulp." The "pulp" is then pressed into bales and moved to the spinning mill.

6. Spinning:
The fibers from the "pulp" are spun into yarn at various stages. The type of yarn to be spun is determined in advance because each product has its own specific yarn. However, it is always a fully circular yarn because no new raw materials are added.

7. Knitting:
The yarn is positioned on circular knitting machines. The type of cloth we want to knit is entered beforehand: jersey or pique, sweatshirt material or material for other products.

8. Cutting:
The cloths are applied to the laser cutting machine. The computer calculates the highest efficiency to cut the cutting patterns. Our cutting waste is collected and recycled again.

9. Tamponing:
Printing is placed on the inside of the back panel. The customer's logo, size indication, washing instructions, as well as the ecological savings per product.

10. Stitching:
Fully automated stitching tables stitch the right patterns together to produce a finished product.

11. Invert:
After stitching, the products are turned inside out.

12. Packing:
Finally, the products are automatically folded, stacked and packed to be shipped to our customers.



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